K9 Security Worcester

Worcester England

Our K9 security protection dogs offer the best physical presence available in Worcester.

We boast a team of highly qualified and experienced K9 security dog handlers available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

K9 Security Protection Dogs Worcester

K9 Dog Protection Worcester

If you’re looking for the very best in security dog services in Worcester then we are the security company to call.

Whether it’s security for a specific event or premises that needs constant protection our bespoke security team will be able to advise the best strategy going forward.

We can guarantee results as we only employ the most highly trained K9 Security Protection Dog handlers along with a highly experienced management team to oversee the services we provide.

All our staff are qualified to the latest standards (B.I.P.D.T, N.A.S.D.U and compliant with BS8517), and our elite K9 handling teams always provide a professional and admirable service.

Explosive K9 Detection Dogs Worcester

Explosive Detection Dogs Worcester

Our K9 teams are at the height of their profession. With qualifications that run-in line with the CPNI, all our drug detection dogs are trained exclusively on live explosives including; PE4, Semtex, Nitro Glycerine, TNT and HME derivatives.

All our training takes place at our dedicated training facilities in Aylesbury including some purpose-built facilities for specific training needs.

The deployment capabilities include but are not limited to;

Stadiums, Airports, Shipyards as well as high profile meeting places and big social occasions such as Festivals, Events and Parties.

Our Teams have long track records of providing EDD teams to large events and diplomatic tasking’s across the UK and Europe.

K9 Drug Detection Worcester

K9 Drug Protection Worcester

As part of our range of security services Worcester, we offer a highly skilled drug detection K9 unit is trained to seek out illicit substances in any environment.

Our qualified dogs are trained to indicate the presence of drugs whether on someone’s person or hidden away.

K9 dogs work passively and proactively, scanning static and moving people, to detect the most commonly used drugs falling in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

The attention to detail offered by our drug detection handlers in Worcester together with their friendly yet professional approach helps us to ensure we represent our clients to a very high standard. This extends to all areas of public safety, customer service, and always with the utmost of discretion.

K9 Event Security Dogs Worcester

K9 Security and manned guarding can be used in a multitude of scenarios and are typically present at airports, stadiums, shipyards, music festivals, events. parties and diplomatic taskings.

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