Drone Surveillance

Remote security monitoring, covering large areas and hard to reach places

Drone Surveillance


Drone Surveillance services manned by professionally trained security operators.

Drone Inspection


Drone Inspections offer a cost effective method of assessing hard to access areas for vulnerabilities.

Drone Protection


Drones are quick to deploy, stable and can make light work of monitoring large areas.

An aerial perspective can be a game changer for security teams. Drones unmanned aerial vehicles are a great choice for security because they:

Allow for quick deployment

Are more cost-effective than helicopters

Offer extra long flight times

Perform well in all weather

Drone Surveillance Aerial Security
Drone Surveillance Proven Uses

Drone Surveillance has many proven uses, some of which include:

Searching for missing persons

Perimeter surveillance & monitoring

Traffic surveillance

Remote monitoring facility for active surveillance of suitably located sites:

Our specialist drone units have the capability of covering a large area and showing a presence at one site, whilst…

Actively monitoring a second compound in the same vicinity

Site A Site B
Dron Property Inspections

Drone Property Inspections offer great value and savings over conventional methods:

Drone technology enables our specialist teams to carry out precise property inspections of hard to access places without the need for the erection of scaffolding or other temporary structures

Vulnerabilities can also be easily identified in order to prevent unwanted intrusions


Security is always a critical element of any event we are responsible for, each with slightly different requirements. Acre and Tweed have always been able to provide us with an ideal solution, ensuring we have tight security in place both as a visual and physical deterrent.

Peter Simmons

Event Management Consultant

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