Covid-19 UK – We Are Still Operating As Normal

Acre & Tweed would like to thank our staff working through this pandemic. All the hard work you are putting in, risking your lives to help and protect people and their businesses.
Our hardworking staff often gets overlooked so this is a big thank you in appreciation as you are often the seen and unseen necessity.
To all our clients we would like to say…
  1. Stay Home
  2. Wear Gloves If You Can
  3. Wear a mask whenever possible
  4. Wash Your Hands
  5. And comply with the government guidelines.
Our company moto is Your Security Is Our Focus.
That goes for more than just our clients. it is to our staff, the public, our K9’s and many more.


Acre & Tweed - Covid-19


Acre & Tweed are still operating as normal to supply the country with the security it needs during the Pandemic.

If you are worried about your company, property, stock or any other reason please do give us a call on 01217 259 856 or contact us via our support form.

We have a wide range of solutions available for you.



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