K9 Security

General purpose and specialist dog units provide a visual deterrent

General Purpose Dogs and Dog Handlers

The General Purpose K9 units are an extremely high visual deterrent and can cut down on the man power needed in static guarding alone.

Our general purpose security dogs are trained to the highest standard. Their training consists of article searches, tracking, building searches, and to find and locate. K9 handler protection makes us the unbeatable team on any assignment that we undertake.

All our K9 teams are assessed, have mandatory training and receive updated certification each month

All our K9 teams are qualified in risk assessments

We strive to produce all our dog handlers above the industry standard and the British standard 8517

Detection Dogs V2

Specialist Detection Dogs

At Acre and Tweed, we have specialist K9 units and handlers, trained for specific applications. These include Drug Detection Dogs, Explosive Detection Dogs, Cash Detection Dogs as well as Search and Rescue teams.

Detection Dogs

Our highly trained Drug Detection Dogs can be used for either passive or proactive assignments

Our Explosives Detection Dog teams receive specialist training on particular substances which make up the composition of explosives.

We also have specialist dogs which have been trained to detect Flares, Fireworks and Fire Arms


Security is always a critical element of any event we are responsible for, each with slightly different requirements. Acre and Tweed have always been able to provide us with an ideal solution, ensuring we have tight security in place both as a visual and physical deterrent.

Peter Simmons

Event Management Consultant

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