Static Guarding

Security personnel are an effective and affordable way to protect your business assets

Manned Guarding

Our highly motivated and professional Manned Guarding team is a very affordable way in which to effectively manage your business asset protection. As well as giving you piece of mind, you will have a high profile deterrent along side high customer services skills.

The tasks that our teams carry out on a daily basis range from hourly patrols - checking everything from the perimeter fencing to stock in the warehouses, responding to alarms on site and meeting and greeting clients in reception areas.

When required, they can also deal with all manner of specified administration tasks.

Our teams regularly undertake building and site lock up and unlock procedures

Manage Alarm System functionality

Receive support 24 / 7 from our control room

Facility Management Services e.g. Public Area Gritting, Lighting Activation, Heating System Operation etc.

Manned Guarding

Security is always a critical element of any event we are responsible for, each with slightly different requirements. Acre and Tweed have always been able to provide us with an ideal solution, ensuring we have tight security in place both as a visual and physical deterrent.

Peter Simmons

Event Management Consultant

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