Security Consultation

We provide a very bespoke service, enabling our clients to make the best judgement calls for their business

Security Consultation Process

Only when you're in possession of all the facts with a full understanding of the security implications of your situation, are you able to make the most appropriate decisions for you business.

Acre and Tweed provide a comprehensive consultation service for our clients to asses their requirements. Our security consultants will visit your premises and carry out a complete risk evaluation. A full written report will be prepared for you, highlighting everything that has been discovered during the evaluation. Advice will be offered along with a detailed point of action plan to address vulnerabilities and strengthen any weaknesses.

This procedure will normally take around 2 days, though it all depends on the size of the premises and the number of additional sites involved. Our consultants will usually be in a position to go over some of the preliminary findings with you on the final day. After that, the written report will be compiled and sent on to you, which can take around 3 days.

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